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Penny (DiGi)
18 July 2025 @ 12:00 pm

Comment to be added.

Penny (DiGi)
18 July 2025 @ 11:55 am
Still figuring things out with the anime and music section.

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Penny (DiGi)
17 July 2024 @ 05:55 pm
A collection of figures I own.

In the house I lived, I seem to have a nice empty 3 shelf to go nuts at collecting figures. I really only had a small amount of figures before, but now I started to become a figure collector of anime/manga (and other various series).  I want to careful what I buy cause they built up room and money.

Most of my figures come from the following sites/places:
Anime Conventions
Hobby Search

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Penny (DiGi)
05 March 2012 @ 07:23 pm
Remaking this journal, and starting it as new pretty soon!

I been away and quite forgot of this journal. Eh. My mistake since housework and hanging out Deviantart killed my time here.

Anyway, placid_days is gone since I can't really take care of it anymore. I moved on to writing my own stories and art. I might do icons and graphics in the future, but not anytime soon.

So thanks to anyone, who reads this...If anyone does.